Warming ovens for drums and containers

Heating systems for the preheating, temperature maintenance and melting of drums, containers and hobbocks

Warming ovens (WO) are used in all areas of industry with material treatment through preheating, heating, melting or maintaining a constant temperature.

We can equip these ovens to customer specification. They are characterised by a very durable and extraordinarily effective and energy-saving design. Depending on the heating medium, these warming ovens can be used up to 300°C, special electric or gas-heated versions from 300 to 500°C. However, the largest range of uses lies at temperatures from 60 – 130°C. The ovens are each designed optimised for the required process.

The sizes can range from small warming ovens for 1 – 2 drums to medium sizes for 2 – 4 Euro or chemicals pallets through to large hot storage units for up to 72 IBC/CP pallet slots on up to three levels.

Options: EX protection, stainless steel interior or complete stainless steel fit out, containment trays, different storage levels on top of each other, roller conveyors, air extraction systems, side hinged doors, sliding doors or rolling shutter doors and vertical-lift doors, floor level loading, shelving installations and much more… .

Effective heat due to different energy sources

The ovens are optionally heated with steam, thermal oil or electrical resistance heaters; although combinations of different heating systems are also possible, e.g. for summer and winter operation. We can also install indirect gas heaters with burners and U-tube heat exchangers for air heating.

In all types of heating, high-performance fans together with optimised air ducts and air turning vanes ensure good removal of the heat by the heat exchangers or by the surfaces of the electric radiators.

Turbulent air flow in the interior via large air injection and directed air flow are essential for optimum and fast heat input into the drums and containers.

Product examples can be found at Drum- & container warming ovens.
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