Dryer and tempering oven product examples

Drum drying with vacuum and condensate separation

Electric heating cabinet with roller conveyer and charging trolley for drying of sludge like substances.

Drying supported by vacuum extraction; control of the drying process by constant condensate separation and volume measurement.

Dryier for vacuum vessels

This electric heated dryier is stainless coated inside and is used to dry the vacuum insulation of vessels for liquid hydrogen.

The characteristics of this oven are the large doors on both sides for easy access and the throughlets for supply and vacuum lines. The control system is equipped with a programmer and a chart recorder.

Dryier for silicium chip material

Stainless steel dryier with circulating air for dryinng the silicium raw materials in the chip production.

Electric dryier for plastic parts

This dryier with circulating air is used to dry and harden carbon-plastic parts.

Tempering oven with special air flow

Ex proofed dryier for coated bands

Special dryier according EN 1539 for the controlled drying process of coated bands.


EX tunnel dryier with conveyor belt

To dry wet smahl parts for sealing systems this dryier uses heat exchangers for thermal oil and is equipped with an automatic conveyor belt and interlocked vertical doors.

Horicontal dryier with top loading

This horicontal dryier with 4 top lids is 5 m long and is used to temperate and dry stainless steel parts.

Dryier with horicontal air flow

This chamber dryier is equipped with an adsorption dryier to pretreat the air inlet.

Because the incomming air is pre-dryied extremely it is possible to reach highest drying results for the heated plastic plates inside the chamber dryer.

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