Heated agitator vessel product examples

Hot water heating cabinet with powered agitator turntable

This hot water heating cabinet with a turntable for 4 drums is used for the gentle melting of temperature critical raw materials.

The turntable moves backwards and forwards, with the drums standing up, so that the unmelted centre of the drum is moved to the melted material at the edge   
-> quick melting at low temperatures!

Agitator vessel with thermal oil jacket

Agitator vessel with thermal oil jacket and electric heating system for the circulating oil (indirect heating).

Presure vessel for hot melt

This pressure vessel is used for the melting of hot melt.

The liquid hot melt is transported by the help of pneumatic pressure.

Mixing and melting system for paint

This complete system for the production of:

paint consists of a 500 l agitator vessel with thermal oil heating jacket, a thermal oil heater, a fume condenser, a transport pump and a temperature control and batch control system.

Melting system for open top drums

Heating cabinet with steam heating and a heated drip tray for the melted product.

These systems consisting of a heating cabinet with circulating air and a direct heated bassin for melted product can melt a lot of open top drums or containers simultanously.

Heating cabinet with turning facility for drums

Heating cabinet with turning facility for drums:

High sensible products are melted in this heating cabinet by turning the upright drum continuously around its horizontal axis. Low air temperatures can be used for the heat treatment because the intensive movement of the product inside the drum fastens the melting process. The drum can be loaded directly from the pallet into the drum basket of the stopped  rolling equipment.

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