Pharmaceutical dryer and laboratory oven product examples

Electric EX laboratory type heating cabinet

Heating cabinet with EX protection for:

Zones 1 + 2, temperature range T3. For use in the laboratory for glass containers, on perforated metal plate shelves.

3-storey Climate chamber with rolling shutter

Multipart climate chamber system for controlled storage and aging of pharmaceutical products.

Equipped with rolling shutters, electric heating and cold water cooling.

Pharmaceutical dryier with steam heating

Water cleaned vessels for medical raw materials are dryied in this tunnel cabinet by circulating hot air.

EX electric oven for pharma production

EX T4 electric oven for a laboratory

Variable electric EX T4 pharma heating oven with shelves.

The selection of stainless steel 316L for the body, the design and manufacture of all details according GMP and the documentation and qualification (IQ,OQ,DQ)allow the variable use of this oven for several heating purposes.

Pharma dryier for powder on shelves

Heated testing stands

Heated testing stand

This heating cabinet includes the equipment for the pressure testing of engine parts in a hot surrounding.

This system consists of the holders for the single engine parts with water pressure connection (pump up to 35 bar), the sensors for temperature and pressure, the control system for special test programmes (time/temperature/pressure cyclus) and the documentation.

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