Lifting and tilting transporter HYDRAULIK-HERKULI®

View from above (Herkuli für 200 L drums) - other dimensions possible depending on application case!


HH 1200 in use during refilling


Side view

Height of stroke stageless tillmm400600800100012001400
Tilting height by addictionfrom approx. 8°mmA500A700A900A1100A1300A1500
from approx. 40°mmB340B540B740B940B1140B1340
Tilting chance (endless)360°360°360°360°360°360°
Payload (optional higher)kg400400250250250250

Special model

Custom designs The HYDRAULIK-HERKULI® is suitable for much more than just drums, and when combined with adapted carrying and tensioning units has solved many a handling problem (e.g.: Batch vessels, mixing reactors, machine components, packaging, X-ray units, mesh boxes, etc. ...).

PH 1400 with pneumatic aggregate for drumhandling in EX-area (reactorcharging)

H 600 of save absorption and to lift by x-ray equipment in the final assemby

The lifting unit in the standard model is operated manually using a hydraulic pump, but it can also be fitted optionally with a hydraulic drive unit, either pneumatically (e.g. for explosion protected areas) or electrically driven (rechargeable battery supply). The tilting motion is operated using a self-locking worm gear with handwheel or is also connected to the hydraulic supply.

Product examples can be found at: Lifting and tilting equipment.
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