Drum heater product examples

Goliath Drum heater

This "Drum heater" with a diameter of 2,5 m and a height of 5,5 m is a taylorized system for a very special transport vessel.

The control of the 50 kW heating power is devided in several horicontal heating circuits with separate controllers and limiters. The controls are placed in a mobile desk.

Flameproofed electric drumheater FIDR45

EX-electric drum heating jacket with connected bottom heater FBDR/45 and insulation lid TDR/45

Drum heater according ATEX regulation for EX zone 1 und 2 possible for temperature classes T3 or T4.

FK-DHDR200 with FK-DHBDR200

Horicontal drum heater with tilting function and steam heating, suitable for the use in hazardous aereas zone 1 and 2.

DIDR200 in stainless steel version

Drum heaters with steam heating for 200 l drums in stainless steel version SS316 Ti with connection hoses.

For the use in aggresive or clean atmosphere we can manufacture drum heaters in stainless quality. The design and manufacturing meets the special demands.

Electric drum heater PIDR45 with roller

Electric drum heater with a devided and jacket mounted insulation lid and an unheated drum roller.

Control options, material, colour, heating power and dimensions of our drum heaters can be selected according the individual needs of each heating process.

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