Request for a quotation for circulating air ovens and warming ovens

Questionnaire circulating air ovens and warming ovens

We kindly request that you answer the following questions as fairly as possible to enable us to provide competent advice and prepare a suitable quotation for your particular requirement. You can then send us the form by e-mail by clicking "Send" at the end of the form. 

Angebotsanfrage über Umluftöfen und Wärmekammern

1. What do you need the oven for?
2. Desired interior dimensions(minimum)
2.1 Desired outside dimensions (maximum)
2.2 Introduction by gate or by lift
3. Location
4. What is to be heated?
5. Heating

6. Explosion protection
max. permissible surface temperature
7. Is there any production of poisonous or polluting vapours or gases?
8. Substance to be heated
9. Materials of the oven
Inner sheeting
Outer sheeting
Frame (Structure)
Heating system
10. Interior fittings
11. Materials used in possible optional variants
Roller tracks
Drip tray
12. Specific information about the application
Your data