Dryer and tempering oven

Our tempering ovens for multiple problems

Drying and tempering ovens are special types of forced-air ovens that are adapted to their specific task using the following designs and features:

  • Precision circulation air feed with constant temperature distribution due to particularly high circulation rates, high-performance fans, large-area and channelled air inflow and outflow in the chamber.
  • Intelligent control of compliance with temperature-time curves comprising heating-up, constant-temperature and cooling-down phases.
  • High-efficiency drying effects with constant partial feed of fresh air or interval drying, pre-drying of the fresh air using adsorption driers, solvent recovery using downstream condensation driers in the circulating air and in the waste air.
  • Technical ventilation to prevent explosive atmospheres in coating and paint drying ovens in compliance with EN 1539/VBG24 with flow monitoring.

Product examples can be found at: Drying and tempering ovens.
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